WHOLE 30 Challenge!

After a long and fun summer of BBQs and cocktails have you fallen off track?

Want to kick sugar to the curb and have your cravings under control by the time all the holidays roll around?







Do you know you need to calm your inflammation?

Want to start creating a gut that loves you, boost your immune system so you aren’t sick all winter?









Ready to learn how to plan, prepare and eat REAL food? Learn go-to recipes and understand just how easy it can be?  

Know that gluten or dairy isn’t making you feel good but aren’t sure how to get off of it?

Then grab your spot in my Whole 30 Challenge!

We’re breaking up with sugar beginning October 16th.

By the time Thanksgiving rolls around you’ll be feeling energized to take it on along with the rest of the holiday season!

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How it works:

We will eat according to the Whole 30 Plan for 30 days.

What is Whole 30?

Basically it’s real food! No sugar, no, dairy or legumes, grains or packaged foods. And no alcohol.

Just straight up REAL food-fruit, veggies, protein, healthy fats.







You can learn more here about the WHOLE 30 plan.

Whole 30 is a effective plan to not only break up with sugar, but it eliminates many of the foods that cause inflammation which makes it beneficial to any who has or is predisposed to autoimmune disease.

Lowering inflammation is critical to getting relief from autoimmunity and preventing most chronic diseases.

This is for you if….

You think you have a food sensitivity but can’t quite put your finger on it

You know that you shouldn’t be having gluten/dairy else but can’t seem to break up with it

You want to get relief from your symptoms so you can keep up with your kids

You’re dying to get off the summer sugar, cocktail/ BBQ train, so you can stop your cravings from sabotaging your wellness goals

You want to confidently say no to the holiday food (sweets) abundance coming up  

You’ve been feeling sluggish or bloated and want to feel rejuvenated!

Okay, sounds good so what can I eat and how do I figure out what to make? 

First of all I will go over the basics of the plan and answer any questions you may have, I want you to be successful and confident! You can also read about it here.

There are three choices of how you can get access to recipes:

1.) Buy a cookbook for Whole 30 plan of eating.

2.) Wing it–NOTE: I do not recommend this…success rate, not so good. Frustration rate, high.

3.) One of my favorite mantras is “Failing to Plan is Planing to Fail”. So the third options is to use an on-line meal planner.

You can have access to recipes via REAL PLANS should you choose to subscribe to make meal planning easy peasy.

REAL PLANS makes it dummy proof. You can pick things based on your likes and dislikes. You don’t have to eat specific recipes, as long as it is Whole 30 compliant you’ll have plenty of flexibility! You can check out REAL PLANS right here. (NOTE: You’ll need to subscribe and add on Whole 30 options).


*Whichever option you choose, then you’ll join me and other like minded ladies on a mission via an on-line private FB group.  

*Here you will get support + motivation + accountability all in the mission of having a renewed relationship with food in 30 days.

*You’ll have access to me in a group setting which means you will have the tools to have a successful break-up with the objective to not run back to your same patterns and routines!

What you can expect:

Stabilize your blood sugar

Be supported via a private FB group. Daily support and motivation from me!

Accountability of ‘we are all in this together!’

Learn sustainable tips to keep your cravings at bay

Understand what your cravings are trying to tell you

Finally break up with sugar and get off the cravings train

Get excited about lifelong foods that support you and keep you off the path of disease!

Gain the ability to use a simple meal planner to give you everyday cooking solutions

You’ll also receive:

Two #ASKMEANYTHING times via our private group to get anything answered by a health coach~$150 value

 As well as daily support & motivation and on-line access to me! 

BONUS #1 A Twofer Bundle from the Fabulous Cait Byrnes

The Kickass Energy Guide E-Book – Ditch the 2pm Energy Slump in 3 Easy Steps ($25 value)

You know the feeling.

Your morning coffee has worn off. The lunchtime food coma has set in. You just got out of the 3rd pointless ‘meeting that should have just been an email’ for the day.

You’ve got that 2pm energy slump. Complete with brain fog, higher stress levels, and the overwhelming feeling that you’re 100% out of fucks to give.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You totally deserve to feel your damn best all day so that you can bring your highest self to your work, your family, and your life.

Plus, how are we gonna change the world if we feel like shit?

Plus her Self-Care on a Dime: 40 Cheap and Free Ways to Feel Your Damn Best ($25 value)

I’m all about easy self-care methods that won’t break the bank, and this book lays out the 40 top ways to look and feel like a million bucks, even if you’re on a budget.

BONUS #2 1/2 Hour Private Coaching Session

($100 value)

I know you may have fears about going back into the world after 30 days. It can feel scary.

You may have tried before and failed. Perhaps that’s stuck in your mind.

But I know you want to feel rejuvenated and you want to stop eating foods that you know aren’t serving you. You deserve to feel empowered and energized!

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I know you can do it and it is so much easier with support.

That’s why I’m offering this On My Own coaching session via the phone as a bonus. We’ll talk about your goals after the program and how you can stick to them and confidently go into the holiday season!

You can and deserve to feel friggin’ fantastic!

Gluten Free 101 Guide

($25 value)

New to gluten free or want to support someone in their journey?

It doesn’t have to be complicated with my easy guide that breaks it down for you.

What it is, what to look out for, what you can eat.

I simplify it for you in my guide.


All this for only $40 before 10/4….that’s about $1/day for the support of a health coach! (That’s less then your coffee!)

Here’s what ladies said from our last Whole 30 Challenge:

“This plan has given me back control of my food choices.”

“I enjoyed this challenge. It was easily adaptable to family and socializing.”

“I feel less bloated, have a clear mind and have learned to savor my food.”


Q: I did the 10 Day Detox with you before. How is this plan different?

A: Good question! For starters on Whole 30 coffee is permitted, (YAY!) Secondly, you can eat potatoes (YAY!) Lastly, you do not have to eat specific meals everyday. As long as they are compliant they are allowed which makes for greater flexibility interns of tastes. Also, if you have leftover dinner you can eat it for lunch!

Q: Do I have to subscribe to REAL PLANS to participate?

A: You do not have to subscribe, you can buy a cookbook. It is highly recommended so you can set yourself up for success. You’ll learn how to meal plan and avoid the ‘I don’t know what to eat!” freak out.

Individual results may vary.

Do you have questions? Ask me now.  Because I want you to feel confident and EXCITED! Get ready, we’re going to feel energized and empowered in just 30 days and break up with foods that aren’t servicing you once and for all! And you have some pretty sweet bonuses coming your way!

Join now!