I’m Deana Gunn a holistic health coach and owner of I specialize in helping women who have or are predisposed to an autoimmune disease live a gluten free life and take their power back through dietary and lifestyle shifts!

I started the Take Your Power Back Community! to connect with you, provide support, and my knowledge. It is a safe space to ask questions, share your battles and triumphs and empower you to live your healthiest life inside and out! You can gain access here.

I remember how crappy I felt before I figured out all of my issues. I understand the struggles. I remember the pain. But…I’ve come out the other side and I want to share that with you!

Food has the ability to heal us, it’s SO important! Honoring ourselves and bringing balance to the other power needs in our life is the other piece of the puzzle. I want to share it with you so you can powerfully deal with your life!

You can expect a ton of info on healing foods, what it takes to heal, the other things that play a role and LOTS of cheering you on! I’ll share the mistakes I’ve made and many of the things I’ve learned along the way. I’ll bring this to you through my experience, my knowledge and a bit of sass!

This group is for YOU if….

~you want to be inspired to live a holistic life

~you’re open to learning about healing your autoimmune disease or avoiding it altogether through dietary & lifestyle changes

~you enjoy being a part of a community of kick ass women

~you want support in your journey

~you’re willing to look in & open to learning

~you believe that we are all here for each other

~you like to celebrate along the way!

This Group is NOT for you if…

~Debbie Downer is your best friend

~you’re good with what you’re doing

~you’re a glass half empty kinda gal

~learning is not your thing-especially that alternative stuff!

I hope you’ll come join! You can gain access here!
In health & healing,

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