The I AM ENOUGH exercise. This was something my coach had us do. At first I was like…”HUH? You want me to do what?” But I rolled with it. I’ll try anything once as long as it’s not illegal. Even coaches have coaches.


Because everyone can use a cheerleader. We’ve got enough critics. Someone who supports us so we can accomplish our goals and get out of Groundhog Day!

Healing isn’t just about food. Taking your power back isn’t just about eating kale. It’s SO much more!

 It felt uncomfortable. It didn’t feel perfect.

Abandoning perfectionism so we can live freely. Loving ourselves. Warts and all. And know that YOU too are enough!

So I share with you…



I have songs that take me back to a place in time in an instant. Sweet Caroline is one. I spent many nights dancing at the Jersey Shore. I love so many things about those times yet I wouldn’t want to go back.

I’m a control freak and yet I wish someone else would take control.

I want nothing more to give my children and safe and wonderful childhood filled with great memories. Yet, I know I cannot protect from the world and that scares me to death.

I’ve had major shit to overcome but I know that doesn’t mean my life is shit or I’m not worth it. I AM!

I know listening to your gut is sometimes the hard choice to make. It’s not always popular and is rarely the easy choice. But I’ve learned that ever time I don’t listen to my instincts it always bites me in the ass!

I’m not always happy with how I look but I respect my body and live in it respectfully.

I’m not where I want to be but I believe I will get there.

I am a loving Mom and I love being a Mom! And yet I’m so much more!

I’ve made six figures & I’ve had only a hundred dollars to my name. I know neither matters if you aren’t living an authentic life.

I say I don’t judge people but I sometimes do. I’m not proud of it. But that doesn’t mean I am not an open and loving person.

I’ve been called a bitch for my opinions and honesty but I know that doesn’t make me it so.

I have fear & doubts and days I wonder if I’m on the right path. I trust that the Universe has my back!

I sometimes get married to my ‘rightness’. I believe often you can be right or you can have a relationship. I’m learning to choose wisely.

I am an extrovert and I crave alone time. I like to hibernate in the winter and throw kick ass parties in the summer!

I believe with all my heart and soul that food can heal you. I desperately want others to see it too. But I know not everybody does and that’s totally okay.

I love a lazy Sunday morning in pajamas drinking coffee just as much as I love getting dolled up in heels & bling for a night in NYC.

I never thought I wanted to write or a teach, yet somehow I find myself doing both. I’m starting to realize you should NEVER say never!

At 42, I love who I am and I like what I see. I’m not perfect nor do I want to me. I deeply love and accept myself flaws and all. I love where I’ve been and where I’m going! I truly enjoy my life!