Gluten Free Guru

Gluten! It’s found in wheat, rye barley and oats*. Who knew a little protein could cause so much damage!

See, if you have Celiac Disease your body can’t process this little bugger. If consumed it causes the villi in the small intestine to wear away and you can’t absorb nutrients properly. Important vitamins like D & B12 and minerals like zinc & magnesium just to name a few. Not absorbing nutrients properly can create ton of crazy problems. Not only can it create major malnourishment but It also messes with your hormones. Oh and don’t forget your feelings and emotions! Not just in celiacs but for anyone with an autoimmune disease. Crazy, right? How is it that can food have such an effect on us?

Food is more important then we think. And not just for someone with celiac disease but for anyone. Especially if you have an autoimmune disease.

“But my Mom or Grandpa had ________ so I’m destined to get it”
It’s true you ‘may’ have a genetic predisposition to it but I have some news for you.
It’s how YOU live your life and the food YOU that contributes to how we turn it on or off those genes.

And that is awesome news!

Why? Well, if you are a type A personality like me, it means we have some control over our genes and the future the health of our future selves. That fascinates me and it excites me! Because who doesn’t want to have some influence over our health?

It may seem overwhelming to do and I totally get it. I’ve been there too and that’s why I love what I do.

I’m here to tell you the results of true energy and healing yourself are better then any bagel you’ll ever eat. And it’s totally doable.

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*(We say oats because they are grown in wheat fields and thus are contaminated unless you get special oats.)